KOoBkO – Live Strassenfest (Silberburg,Nürtingen)

Live Strassenfest
Nürtingen ,Silberburg
Freitag ,20.09.2013

KOoBkO – Live

Video  “Widerstand”
Video  “Kollateral”
Video  “Superstar…Eure…”

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In Concert

20.09.2013  23.00h  die Räudigen Hunde ,Silberburg Nürtingen
20.09.2013  22.00h  KOoBkO  ,Silberburg Nürtingen
19.09.2013  21.45h  Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls ,LKA Stuttgart
19.09.2013  20.00h  Ghost of a Chance ,LKA Stuttgart
10.08.2013  22.00h  and you will know us by the Trail of Dead ,Manufaktur
10.08.2013  21.00h  Tracker ,Manufaktur Schorndorf

14.06.2013  18.30h  Flowers in Syrup
14.06.2013  19.30h  My Little Rockstar Dream ,WO-Festival
14.06.2013  20.30h  Stereoton ,WO-Festival
14.06.2013  21.30h  This Bleeding Soul ,WO-Festival
15.06.2013  17.40h  URSUS ,WO-Festival
15.06.2013  18.30h  SevenLies ,WO-Festival
15.06.2013  19.10h  18 Strings ,WO-Festival
15.06.2013  19.30h  Brand New Grace ,WO-Festival
15.06.2013  20.30h  Mom´s Day ,WO-Festival
15.06.2013  21.10h  Hit the Jerk ,WO-Festival